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Established Homes:
Pre-Purchase Packages
Structural and Termite Inspection Package $660 $495
Comprehensive and Termite Inspection Package $825 $660
Individual Pre-Purchase Inspections
Structural Inspection $440
Pre-Purchase Comprehensive Inspection $605
Termite Inspection/Timber Pest Inspection AS4349.3 $220
Special Purpose Building Inspections Quoted
New Homes Under Construction:
Single Storey Inspection Package

  • -Plate Height and Roof Frame Building Inspection
  • -PCI
$990 $880
Double Storey Inspection Package

  • -Plate Height Ground Floor
  • -Plate Height and Roof Frame FF
  • -PCI
$1,485 $1,100
Individual Inspections
Plate Height Building Inspection Perth $495
Roof Frame Building Inspection Perth $495
PCI $495
Special Purpose Building Inspections Perth Quoted