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Inspection Types

Established Homes

Structural Inspection AS4349.1-2007 Appendix A

A Structural Inspection is an inspection that is carried out by a registered builder or structural engineer. All accessible structural items in the home are visually inspected for significant defects in accordance with AS4349.1- 2007 Appendix A. This includes an inspection of the roof cavity, all internal and external walls, the top of the roof from the gutter line, the condition of the ceilings, wet area waterproof membranes, retaining walls, moisture problems and many other structural issues that commonly occur. Significant defects will clearly be noted on the Report, which may be used to renegotiate or exit a contract that contains a building inspection or structural inspection clause. A more invasive inspection or damp testing may be recommended based on the findings of our visual inspection.


Pre-Purchase Inspection AS4349.1 Download a Sample Pre-Purchase Report

To get the best value out of your building inspection a Pre-Purchase inspection is ideal as it covers all of the above structural issues as well as checking all appliances, light switches, plumbing, fixtures and fittings. Your report will also include a comprehensive safety checklist and a list of the main maintenance issues that are present in the home. Problems found are placed into definite categories to clearly indicate whether or not you can make the vendor pay for these repairs. Please note that our inspectors are conducting visual inspections and basic testing only and are not licensed electricians or plumbers. It is still recommended that clients double check fixtures, fittings and appliances at the final handover meeting as a precaution.


Termite/Timber Pest Inspection AS4349.3

A PrePurchase Timber Pest Inspection is a specialized inspection that is carried out by a licensed pest control technician. This inspection includes a visual review of the entire home including the roof cavity, to locate the presence of any structurally harmful pests or fungi. This report will apply to the timber pest clause on your Offer and Acceptance and may be used to enable you to insist that the vendor to pay for any remedies that are required. This inspection is visual only and will not include cutting any additional manholes or floor traps or lifting roof tiles. A more thorough invasive inspection or a termite baiting system may be recommended as a result of the findings of our visual inspection.


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Construction Inspections

Plate Height Inspection

A Plate Height Inspection is conducted shortly after the walls are built. This is designed to highlight any serious errors or defects that are present at this stage allowing the builder to properly remedy them during construction. As it is usually far easier to remedy major issues early on in the job, this inspection is actually encouraged by many builders as it ultimately saves them time and money and can prevent major arguments on site towards or after handover. These can be due to crooked or cracking walls, crooked window frames, bent lintels, twisted door frames, out of square bathroom walls and many more common potential errors.


Practical Completion Inspection Report Download a sample Practical Completion Report

A Practical Completion Inspection Report will save you stress and hardship by providing you with a detailed list of any work that requires correction or completion under your contract. Builders will often only fix the items that you bring to their attention and without a building inspector to assist you this can lead to major problems after handover. Issues such as crooked plastering around windows, cracks in ceilings and cornices, rough plaster costing extra to paint your walls, poor painting of doors and other surfaces affect the presentation of your home and lower its resale value. Please note that the report is not in a format to be used directly as a complaint form for the Building Commission


A Practical Completion Inspection Report will help you to gain peace of mind and take control of your handover process. This essential inspection is highly recomended to anyone building a new home. Download our FREE information leaflet for more information on Practical Completion inspections.


Pre-Handover Inspection

This is a return inspection after the items on the PCI have been addressed by the builder. During this inspection these items and any additional construction damage that has occurred since the PCI will be included on your report. In some instances several Final Handover Inspections are required to ensure that a home is properly finished off where builders have insufficiently addressed the PCI items.


Special Purpose Inspection/Dispute Resolution

This specialized inspection is required when disagreements are occurring between client and builder and a qualified independent opinion is required to assist resolve the situation. This report may contain photos and can be used as evidence where complaints are to be taken to the Building Commission.

In many cases the result of this inspection is an agreement between builder and client with the outcome of the meeting being formally documented in the report.


Construction Package (10% discount)

The Construction Package contains a Plate Height Inspection, a Practical Completion Inspection and a Pre-Handover Inspection. This package is ideal to help prevent the types of major problems that can occur through poor supervision, high turnover of staff and apprentice trades. The Plate Height Inspection not only indicates quality and structural issues, but also lets your builder know that an inspector is going to be involved throughout the project. Customers who book a package usually have a smooth handover as builders generally know to present the home at the highest possible standard, as they know that the inspector will pick up on any shortcuts that can be common practice in the industry.



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